The Odebrecht Organization recognizes the importance of integrating sustainability into the core of our business. Launched in 2012, the United States edition of the Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development invites university students nationwide to join us in the search for innovative technologies and methods to promote sustainable and responsible development. Odebrecht and Braskem are looking for ideas that can be implemented in various real-world ventures.


New or alternative methods, models, and technologies related to engineering, construction, or chemical practices that have the potential to drive real change.

Results & Impact

Measurable or quantifiable results that produce a significant positive impact.

Potential to Scale
up & Replicate

Viable on a broad-scale and/or replicable in other settings.


Financially sustainable business model (i.e. cost of implementation must be offset by savings, gain, or value-added).

Value Creation

Generate value for stakeholders.


Alignment with Odebrecht’s view on sustainability—a multidimensional phenomenon that encompasses social, economic, environmental, political, and cultural dimensions. For more on Odebrecht and sustainability, click here.


Applicability to the Odebrecht Organization’s operations, with a focus on:

  • - Engineering & Construction
  • - Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • - Transportation and Logistics
  • - Environmental Engineering
  • - Energy
  • - Oil and Gas
  • - Other


The Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development is open to undergraduate and graduate students from accredited universities across the United States. Students must be enrolled full-time for the academic term (January-May) in which the competition takes place.

Projects may be undertaken individually or in a group of no more than 3 students under the supervision of an Advising Professor. If in a group, students must be enrolled at the same university and are encouraged to invite team members from other schools or departments within their institution. At least one student in the group must be pursuing a degree in Engineering (all areas), Architecture, Building and Construction Management, or Chemistry.

Evaluation Criteria.

The Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development is designed to promote innovative ideas that embody an entrepreneurial spirit. We are looking for technically exceptional work that push boundaries and demonstrate the holistic application of sustainability principles. Entries will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Entries will go through a three-phase selection process:


Students may submit entries during the award period beginning January 1, 2015 and ending May 31, 2015. Winners will be announced at an award ceremony to be held in Fall 2015.

Prizes & Ceremony.$70,000 in cash prizes*

The Top 3 finalists will be invited to the Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development ceremony, where the winner will be announced. Hosted by Odebrecht USA and Braskem America, the event offers students the chance to interact with industry leaders and opinion makers in a forum to promote sustainability.

Winning Students, Advising Professors, and University Representatives will be invited to the Award Ceremony with all expenses paid.**

* all numbers herein are before taxation in accordance with state and federal law

** restrictions apply