The Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development helps bridge the gap between the academic and corporate worlds, and find solutions that promote sustainability via the transfer and application of technology into the operational practice of business, especially in the areas where the Odebrecht Organization operates.

The Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development is designed to stimulate contributions toward sustainable development for the benefit of engineering, construction, chemical, and petrochemical organizations; the academic community; and society as a whole. Whether related to new building techniques, new chemical and petrochemical processes, alternative environmental uses or sustainable materials, projects should explore innovative practices, methods and ideas that can be implemented in a variety of real-world ventures.

Established in 2008 in Brazil, The Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development is an initiative to seek inovation, provide students a chance to share their ideas and to be a force for positive change. Today, the Odebrecht Award has expanded to Angola, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Equador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, and the United States.

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New or alternative methods, models, and technologies related to engineering, construction, or chemical practices that have the potential to drive real change.

Results & Impact

Measurable or quantifiable results that produce a significant positive impact.

Potential to Scale up & Replicate

Viable on a broad-scale and/or replicable in other settings.


Financially sustainable business model (i.e. cost of implementation must be offset by savings, gain, or value-added).

Value Creation

Generate value for stakeholders.


Alignment with Odebrecht’s view on sustainability– a multidimensional phenomenon that encompasses social, economic, environmental, political, and cultural dimensions.


Applicability to the Odebrecht Organization’s operations, with a focus on the following sectors: